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Michelle Woodside
Managing Director

Michelle has worked with HR, Retail, Technology, Mining, legal and every level of Government on risk management strategies. She has successfully owned and operated numerous companies in Education, Health, Hospitality, and Technology. Most recently, Michelle co-founded founded a technology company that was acquired by a San Francisco-based organization.

Michelle brings to Edgeport a wealth of industry experience positioning her as an ideal advisor for any organization wanting to create meaningful change. She is also responsible for ensuring all services align with Edgeport's strategic plan, managing contracted partner services, governance, programs, evaluating existing and new partnerships, and overseeing the firms growth strategies.

Michelle is an active member of PBSA (Professional Background Screeners Association) and DIACC (Digital Identity Authentication Council of Canada) and resides in Vancouver, Canada.

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Iain Murray
SR. Advisor, Trust & Safety

Over the last 20 years, Iain has turned ideas for background screening into products used by Fortune 100 companies.  Along the way, he’s held leadership roles in operations, vendor management, product, and business development.

Iain is a frequent speaker on background screening, and advises many of Canada's largest organizations on policy and best practice.  He also supports the background screening industry as a whole, as Chair-Elect of PBSA's Canada Council.Prior to his involvement in the screening industry, Iain spent time with the RCMP's Commercial Crime Section , and received his B.A. in Criminology from Simon Fraser University.  Iain lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his wife and two children.

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Rod Team Image

Rod Piukkala, M.O.M. (Police Force Member of Order of Merit)
Director of Regulatory Compliance

Rod Piukkala has enjoyed a varied career in both the public and private sectors within Canada. His valued experiences include -  a lengthy career in law enforcement, reaching the rank of Police Chief in Ontario; a marketing director with a major Canadian telco; a safety, risk and compliance manager in the golf, housing and commercial development business. He has held key leadership roles within the background screening industry for the past 18 years. He has presented to interested groups and clients across North America on various topics related to Background Screening services.

Rod has served as a member of the Professional Background Screeners Association's  Government Relations committee for the past 15 years, advocating for the industry while raising the awareness of our products and services to the various levels of government. He is recognized as a subject matter expert in all aspects of criminal record checks within Canada.

Rod remains active in the community serving and leading on several not for profit boards. He also is a member of several policing associations and remains a active member of an Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police committee.

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Conner Team Image

Connor Guillet, M.Ed
Project & Academia Consultant

As a Project Manager at the Metis Nation of British Columbia, Connor Guillet exemplifies strategic leadership and adept educational program development. His background with the Canadian Space Agency as an Educational Advisor has honed his skill in orchestrating national education projects with professionalism and a deep understanding of community needs.

With a Bachelor of Education from SUNTEP and a Master’s in Educational Psychology from the University of Victoria, Connor’s academic credentials bolster his approach to designing impactful educational materials and training. His project management skills align with organizational objectives, ensuring every initiative is met with keen actionable insight and precise execution.

Connor's commitment to educational excellence and project delivery continues to contribute to the success and growth of Metis Nation initiatives, reflecting the core values of Edgeport in fostering community development through education.

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Harry Team Image

Harrison Lagzdin
Project & Data Specialist

With a robust command of Python, Java, and C, Harrison Lagzdin is a dynamic force in the development sphere and a seasoned Project Specialist at Edgeport. Harrison stands at the intersection of technology and leadership, guiding teams through complex scenarios with a clear-eyed approach to project management. His strong background in physics and math fortifies his capacity as a systematic and analytical problem solver.

Harrison's data driven methodology embodies Edgeport's commitment to delivering sophisticated solutions. He thrives on the fast-paced demands of identifying problems, swiftly navigating to efficient and practical solutions. His ability to be thrust into challenges and emerge with strategies that propel projects forward is a testament to his expertise and dedication.

At the heart of Harrison's philosophy is a belief in calculated action, ensuring that every project under his direction is marked by precision and clear documented direction. His adeptness at organizing tasks ensures that each initiative is executed with maximum efficiency, reflecting Edgeport's ethos of excellence and innovation in every endeavour.

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Cam Team Image

Cameron Trim
User Experience Research Specialist

Cameron Trim is a leading User Experience Research and Development Specialist at Edgeport, with a degree focusing on user testing and experience for programs and applications. His expertise lies in harmonizing user-centric design principles with digital innovation, making him instrumental in developing interfaces that are both intuitive and engaging. His work ethos is defined by a rigorous, research-driven approach, ensuring every project is finely tuned to its users' needs.

Cameron's contributions at Edgeport are pivotal in driving user satisfaction and engagement through strategic insights and innovative design solutions. With Cameron's dedication and unique skill set, he is an invaluable part of the Edgeport team, shaping the future of application and program usability and interaction.

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Cason Team Image

Cason Truss
Environmental Compliance Consultant

Cason Truss is a distinguished figure in the realm of environmental compliance, renowned for his vast expertise honed over many years of dedicated service within various government entities. At the University of Victoria, Cason has been instrumental in fortifying the capabilities of environmental assessment firms through his exceptional proficiency in database management, meticulous data collection, and adept support in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Cason's leadership qualities shine brightly through his initiation and orchestration of public GIS workshops, a testament to his unwavering dedication to spreading knowledge and fostering growth within the environmental sector. His skill set is broad and encompassing, with notable strengths in data visualization, sophisticated management of relational databases, and the development of effective strategies for mitigating environmental impacts.

Through his comprehensive approach and innovative solutions, Cason continues to contribute significantly to the advancement of environmental compliance practices, making him a valuable asset to the Edgeport team and the wider environmental community.

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Dan Team Image

Dan Mason
Graphics and Communications Expert

Daniel Mason brings a unique blend of creative and technical expertise as a seasoned Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Website Builder. His multimedia proficiency spans across photography and video, underpinning his versatile skill set in visual communication. With a keen eye for design and a talent for bringing concepts to life, Daniel excels in creating compelling visual narratives that support brand growth and resonate with consumers.

His project management skills ensure that from inception to completion, every project is handled with meticulous attention to detail and a clear focus on the end goal. Daniel's background as a Marine Specialist and former Rescue Specialist with Canadian Coast Guard infuses his work with a sense of purpose and precision, drawing from experiences that demand quick thinking and decisive action.

His dedication to design excellence and his contribution to safety and rescue operations reveal a professional who is not only creative but also deeply committed to impactful work. Daniel Mason represents the fusion of artistry and responsibility — a true asset in any endeavor requiring visual innovation and a reliable project management hand.

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